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Road ID Products!

I got my first Road ID wristband in 2013, The Wrist ID Sport in blue!  These products are good to use during athletic activity, but also if you have a medical need to identify!  Road ID has come a long way to provide multiple products!  They have a handful of different wristband styles, shoe pouches, products for your neck & ankle and they even have pet products!  If you don’t read to the bottom, I’ll put the good stuff at the top – I have a Super awesome $5.00 OFF Road ID Coupon for the first FIVE people who use it, if you want to check out the products! (it expires 3/19/17)

Road ID Wristband Slim

I also have a Road ID slim, which is nice – it feels a lot like those yellow Livestrong wristbands everyone used to wear, but a bit thicker.  I don’t often wear this since I usually have my Garmin Vivoactive on, and if I’m at Disney my magicband is on my other wrist.

The wristbands come in multiple styles and Road Id even offers interactive assistance.  When you purchase Road ID Interactive, you are given 6 FREE months of membership to the Emergency Response System (ERS). Each additional year is then only $9.99 (less than 84 cents a month.)  Your Road Id will have an additional two lines added at the bottom, your “First Responder Section.”  You will create your emergency responder profile with all your medical, and your Road ID will have your serial # and pin # on the back so if you need assistance and cannot provide information yourself the first responder can look up your entire medical profile to begin proper treatment.  I have not utilized this program yet, but I might consider it in the future!

DownsizingBri_ShoePouch.jpgMy favorite product is the shoe pouch!  I keep this little pouch on my shoes at all times, and it’s perfect for Driver’s License, Credit Card/Hotel Key Card, or even a house key (your car key with remote will not fit, unfortunately.)  The shoe pouch comes in 7 different colors, and if you’d like to get an additional pouch without the ID it’s only $6.99!  It’s easy to attach with the velcro strap, and it weighs next to nothing.  I secure it through 2-3 rows of my shoe laces, so that it doesn’t bounce when I run – I NEVER feel this pouch during activity!  Here’s a quick image to show how to strap on your shoe pouch!

Easy attachment of the Road ID Shoe Pouch

Road ID also has apparel as well as IDs you can add to your current GPS watch bands – for a list of which GPS watches available check out their website!  Road ID has “badges” as well if you want to spruce your band up a bit with some decorations!

Additionally, if you’d like to check out Road ID and their products I have a COUPON CODE for $5.00 OFF!  Follow the link below, and the FIRST FIVE people who use the code will ge $5.00 OFF their purchase – this coupon expires on 3/19/17 so grab your ID!

Super awesome $5.00 OFF Road ID Coupon!!

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New Shoes = Best Day Ever!

Sometimes, it’s the small things that have the greatest impact!  Today I received my brand new pair of New Balance 860v7 and they’re beautiful!  I had previously worn Asics Kayano 19 followed by the Kayano 20.  Regrettably, I did not keep track of the mileage on either pair of shoes, so I never really knew when it was time to replace them.  The last few races I completed in my Kayano 20s, almost every time, once I hit mile 6 the balls of feel felt like I was running on needles for the remainder of the race.  Since I hadn’t kept up with my mileage, I took this as a sign that it was time for new shoes.

After flying back from Disney World, I went to our local store On The Run to have my feet re-evaluated to make sure I was in the right shoe.  About, 11 pairs of shoes later I found the New Balance 860v7!  I have a flat, wide foot so I tried on a B width, since that is what they had on hand in the store, where I usually wear a D width.  This was no a problem, they had special ordered my width and it arrived only a couple of days later.  These shoes feel like I’m walking on tiny little purple clouds, such a difference from my broken down Kayanos.  I also made myself a promise, to keep track of my mileage no matter what with these shoes, so I don’t cause myself unnecessary pain during my races.  It’s a good practice to change running shoes anywhere between 300-500 miles!

What shoes do you guys wear??  Let’s see some pictures! 🙂

New Balance 860v7 – Women’s Size 8D