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Off The Wagon.

Thomas Edison Quote @ DownsizingBri.Wordpress.comLife happens, unexpected events occur, there is no disputing this.  Your actions moving forward are what matters.  I made a pact to lose weight and begin living a healthy lifestyle about a month ago, and life got in the way. As one chapter of my career closed, another one opened, with that comes orientation, adjusting to a new environment and reorganizing my financial situation.  My last day of work at my previous job was April 20th, and it’s been an adjustment process since.

This next week will be my first week off orientation and on my own, with the flexible schedule I have desired for some time now.  This next week is when I will recommit myself to my fitness and health goals.  I have many goals to work toward this year, and being that it is already May is a bit discouraging.  Now is the time to test my commitment and possibly re-evaluate where I see my journey taking me months down the road.  This blog post is to record my current goals with a set starting point which I will hold myself accountable.

  • NASM Personal Training Certification Exam by November 2017.  Begin training late Fall 2017.
  • Lose 70lbs at a healthy rate.
  • Train for Cajun Cup 10K in November to provide proof of time for Princess Half Marathon weekend – so that I do not end up injured with another DNF.
  • Train for Princess Half Marathon Weekend with the goal being a 10 minute mile.
  • Regain my self confidence and take myself shopping for new (smaller) clothing!
  • Continue to blog and learn web development to further distance myself from my current career.  My goal is to provide my clients the best work I can from the comfort of my own home.

Those are some of my big goals for 2017, I realize this will be tough and will not happen overnight.  In addition to becoming healthy and in better shape, this process will challenge my patience and perseverance – which I am confident I will cross the finish line as a victor.

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New Shoes = Best Day Ever!

Sometimes, it’s the small things that have the greatest impact!  Today I received my brand new pair of New Balance 860v7 and they’re beautiful!  I had previously worn Asics Kayano 19 followed by the Kayano 20.  Regrettably, I did not keep track of the mileage on either pair of shoes, so I never really knew when it was time to replace them.  The last few races I completed in my Kayano 20s, almost every time, once I hit mile 6 the balls of feel felt like I was running on needles for the remainder of the race.  Since I hadn’t kept up with my mileage, I took this as a sign that it was time for new shoes.

After flying back from Disney World, I went to our local store On The Run to have my feet re-evaluated to make sure I was in the right shoe.  About, 11 pairs of shoes later I found the New Balance 860v7!  I have a flat, wide foot so I tried on a B width, since that is what they had on hand in the store, where I usually wear a D width.  This was no a problem, they had special ordered my width and it arrived only a couple of days later.  These shoes feel like I’m walking on tiny little purple clouds, such a difference from my broken down Kayanos.  I also made myself a promise, to keep track of my mileage no matter what with these shoes, so I don’t cause myself unnecessary pain during my races.  It’s a good practice to change running shoes anywhere between 300-500 miles!

What shoes do you guys wear??  Let’s see some pictures! 🙂

New Balance 860v7 – Women’s Size 8D