Hi there!  My name is Brianna and welcome to my blog documenting my quest to get in shape and become a personal trainer!

Gymnastics Picture – 1997

I was always an active kid growing up, it wasn’t until my mid to late 20s when I started to live a more sedentary lifestyle.  I can’t even remember when my parents put me in dance – it had to be as early as 1990 or 1991, but I did it all; Jazz, Tap, Tumbling and a little Ballet.  I did not stick with dance though, I became enamored by the gymnasts of the 1992 Barcelona team and what really drove the point home was “The Magnificent Seven” at the Atlanta 1996 games.  I was hooked, I started to compete with gymnastics, often training 3-4 hours per night for 4-5 days a week.  I loved it, but as most gymnasts learn retirement comes early.  I stuck with Gymnastics until my Junior year of high school and started to coach my old team mates. By this time, I was also in my school’s marching band and I had also been scouted to join my High School’s Powerlifting team.  I remember that moment well, I was walking back to the band hall after marching practice and I saw one of the coaches staring at me.  I thought it was kind of weird at the time, but now I know he was just scouting me.  The next day I had three people tracking me down to go talk to him about joining the team.  I did.

Powerlifting meet – 2003

I joined my school’s powerlifting team in the 144 lb weight class (my weight was anywhere from 107 lb to the 114 lb) and for the last two years of my High School experience I would go to practice at the school for 5am, go to school, have marching practice right after school – go to gymnastics and then often times, go to my own personal gym for an hour or so after.  I was in tip top shape.  I did well in powerlifting, making it to the Texas regionals and state meets both years I was part of the team.  I was even voted Powerlifting sweetheart during my senior year’s homecoming parade.

I moved away for college and became a college cheerleader, with no experience whatsoever except my tumbling skills.  I’d like to say my first year went as most freshman years do, kinda of a clusterf*ck.  I had this freedom to do whatever I want, I totally screwed up.  I ended up quitting the team, joined a sorority and just “had fun.”  I probably gained about 10-15 lbs that year, that “Freshman 15!”  I eventually moved back home to “find the meaning of life” or rather, what I wanted to do with life.  This led to nursing school, which is where my “downfall” begins.

Nursing School Graduation Jan. 2009

Nursing school was stressful, and I found a lot of comfort in what little free time I had in food and alcohol.  Thinking back, I would have been a lot better off had I found my comfort in the gym – but that’s all in the past.  I won’t go into gory detail about my nursing school experience, but rather summarize the aftermath.  I graduated and passed my state boards first try!  In the process I think I had gained another 15 lbs while being in the program – if I remember correctly my weight at the time was in the 130-140 lb range.  I never really got to the point of being active again, and I ate and drank all the wrong things.  Nursing is stressful and while that’s not an excuse for my change of lifestyle, it certainly didn’t help.  Some people find comfort in exercise, or not eating at all – I find food comforting and tend to overeat when I’m stressed.

Disney World Nov. 2016

Fast forward to the last 3 years, when I really hit rock bottom.  While writing this in February of 2017, I need to lose 75 lbs, it just astonishes me and everyone else when I step on the scale.  Shopping for clothing is no longer fun, and I often dread it.  Going outside on a hot day is no longer fun, I don’t find joy in a lot of things I used to because of my weight.  This had to stop, I had to change – and this is my outlet to show what you can do if you put your mind to it!

I had toyed with idea of personal training back when I was lifting, and I never committed to taking the exam.  I’m at a different place in my life, and I’m growing tired of the daily stress of nursing so my goal is get back in shape and become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  This is my story of how I’m going to do it, and I want to show everyone my progress and struggles along the way!