RunDisney’s Silver Lining.

Epcot_WD_Impossible.JPGEvery cloud has a silver lining.  It’s a cliche quote, but appropriate for this post.  Last week I posted the recap of my first DNF with the Princess Half Marathon.  I need to get an accurate count of my race history, but off the top of my head I have completed: 1 FULL marathon, 18 HALF marathons and countless 10k & 5ks and I have never had a DNF until this year.  To say I was devastated would be an understatement, especially knowing had I not sprained my ankle the day before I would have completed this race with no issues whatsoever.

On Monday March 6th, I received my finisher’s e-mail from RunDisney, which usually thanks you for participating and offers finisher certificates and such.  I am not even going to pretend like I didn’t immediately delete the e-mail without opening it because the memories of that DNF are still very fresh.  On Thursday March 9th, I’m scrolling through this facebook group “Team RunDisney” and I notice someone mention registering early as a past participant for Princess Half Marathon weekend 2018 – which immediately caught my eye.  Registration for Princess Weekend doesn’t open until May, and if anyone has ever registered for a Downsizingbri_RunDisneyPastPartLinkRunDisney race, you know it can be intense and stressful.  I read this post where RunDisney started to offer early registration for past participants and the special link was in that Thank you e-mail I had deleted!  Thankfully, the e-mail was still in my trash and sure enough, there was the registration link!  I followed the link to the RunDisney page where I promptly logged into and registered myself for the newly re-named “Fairy Tale Challenge” and the “Princess 5K”.  The “Fairy Tale Challenge” is the former “Glass Slipper Challenge” which consists of running the 10k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday for an extra shirt and medal. This would have been my 5th (and legacy) year for the challenge, except with my DNF this year I will not retain my legacy status.  As another past participant, my mother also signed up for the challenge and 5k, so I will have some support with me next year!

DownsizingBri_RunDisney_Reg_confirmPHMAs I have mentioned in previous posts, the DNF this year still stings and I’m sure it will for a while – but already preparing for next year with this early registration and skipping the stress of regular registration shows good things to come!  Next year, I will be better prepared for the race, more aware of my surroundings and I will finish – faster than I have in previous years and have an amazing trip.  I am working on a training schedule and I just got some amazing shoes – New Balance 860v7 – check out my post about my new shoes!  As disappointing as the DNF was for me, I’m re-channeling that frustration into motivation for next year and I know the results will be amazing.

I want to hear from you guys!  Who will be joining me and my mother at Disney World next year for the 10th Anniversary of the Princess Half Marathon and the 5th Anniversary of the Fairy Tale Challenge?!?



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