RunDisney Prep!

2016 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Expo!

I finished my first RunDisney race back in 2013 when I completed the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Since then I’ve completed nine half marathons, five 10Ks, seven 5ks and one 10 miler races between Disney World and Disney Land – you could say I’m RunDisney hooked.  In just two days, I head back to Disney World for my 5th Princess Half Marathon weekend!  I will be completing my 4th Glass Slipper Challenge, which consists of participation in the 10k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday (I’m throwing in the 5K on Friday for fun), while I’m not exactly prepared for the races I am still excited to go!  Everyone who enjoys running/walking should try at least one RunDisney race!  Yes, they are double to triple the cost to what you might normally see in a local race, but they are worth it!  The course support is phenomenal, from the water stations to the port-o-potties (there are HUNDREDS), and not to mention the spectators are amazing and you can feel the energy pushing you along!  The 5K at Disney World takes you around the entire Epcot World Showcase, the 10K includes the World Showcase and the Disney Boardwalk, while the Half Marathon takes you straight through the castle back to Epcot. The expo is huge with some of the coolest vendors, you can get anything you might have forgotten at home there, plus products you’d never thought to try!  The race shirts are top notch and the finisher medals are beautiful – did I mention you can meet your favorite Disney characters on the courses and stop to have pictures??  Also, forget your headphones, Disney has their own playlist they run along the majority of course to keep you running!  If you’d like to know more about RunDisney races you can contact me, or stay tuned – I will be posting detailed race recaps of ALL 3 races next week!

I started this journey to lose weight and live a better lifestyle a couple of years ago and never really committed.  There was a moment a couple of weeks ago where I was walking up the stairs at my office, and I was out of breath.  Then I started to think about things; I hated clothes shopping, someone had donated this scrub top to me that was one size bigger than the scrubs I bought – I originally didn’t want it because it was too big when I got it, and now it’s tight.  I finally told myself to stop making excuses and stop being passive, I needed to get work done.  My goal is to lose about 75 lbs and pass my certified personal trainer exam on April 27th.  I want to chronicle that journey on this blog as well as start my own fitness business after hitting my goal and becoming certified.  So I welcome you to follow my blog (you can also find me on IG, FB, Twitter, Snapchat and a YouTube channel is in the works for the future) – I’ll be posting daily encouragement, my own struggles, race recaps, product reviews, exercises/recipes and more!  I have big plans for myself and I’m excited to tackle this challenge and live a healthier and happier life!


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